Why Teeth Whitening should be on Your Self Care List

Let’s start to prioritize self care! You need to put yourself on the top of your list because you need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself during this crazy life. Amongst the many ways you can care for yourself, make sure to put teeth whitening on your self care list! Wondering why? 

Keep reading to find out!

Boosts Self Confidence

Adding teeth whitening to your self care list will work wonders on your self confidence! White teeth will improve your overall appearance, and you will be more confident because of it. Feeling good about yourself and building self esteem is empowering, gives you a more positive image of yourself, and you’ll be more confident to try new things or ask for that promotion you know you’ve earned!

Gives You a Healthier Looking Smile

Another reason why teeth whitening should be on your self care list is that it gives you a healthier looking smile. People will be more attracted to you – not necessarily romantically, but professionally and socially. And although this is a self care list (not a list on how you can impress others), community and building relationships is a crucial part of this life.

Upkeeping with Whitening is Healthy

It’s actually good for you to whiten your teeth! And the more you upkeep with whitening, the more you’ll make a conscious effort to brush after drinking coffee, or eat while drinking wine. You’ll want to upkeep your white smile, and you’ll end up taking care of your teeth a whole lot better! If you want tips on how to upkeep your smile, read our other posts about how to take care of your teeth after drinking coffee and wine.

Makes you Smile More

No more need to put your hand over your mouth when smiling, or just trying not to smile (or show your teeth) at all. Having the confidence from the whitening, you’ll probably find yourself smiling a lot more. And smiling is actually proven to boost your mood and have a positive impact on your mental health! This is definitely an incredible reason to put teeth whitening on your self care list.

Builds Self Respect

Last of all, whitening your teeth will build your self respect. This almost seems too good to be true, but taking care of yourself, keeping yourself healthy, and investing in yourself will help you to see that you are WORTH IT. And knowing that you’re worth it will help build self respect, and in turn you’ll learn to love yourself more.

You deserve to take care of yourself.

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