The Founder

At the core of Dr. Emery's philosophy lies an unwavering commitment to impeccable branding and unparalleled client satisfaction. Recognizing the pivotal role of first impressions, she orchestrates each detail to elicit an unequivocal experience for every guest, be it on social media or upon stepping foot into the sanctuary of White Haute®.

What sets White Haute® apart is not merely its aesthetic allure, but it's unwavering dedication to quality and accessibility. By marrying the expertise of a dentist-owned establishment with a team trained to the highest standards, Dr. Emery ensures that each client receives professional-grade results at a fraction of the traditional cost, all without the dreaded sound of a dental drill nearby.



We know you have a busy life, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few moments to do something nice for yourself. We know a beautiful smile not only impacts your health, but also your confidence. We’ve created a luxurious boutique experience for you stop and enjoy a little self-care… even if it’s just during your lunch hour!

White Haute® Teeth Whitening Bar is owned by our female founder, Dr. Jessica Emery an energetic and fun-loving cosmetic dentist and smile enthusiast. All of our locations are owned and operated entirely by female dental professionals. We can't wait to meet you!





For potential licensees seeking to embark on their own journey with White Haute®, Dr. Emery offers not just a business opportunity, but a blueprint for elevating the teeth whitening experience to unprecedented heights. With her guidance, passion, and proven track record of success, she invites others to join her in reshaping the industry, one dazzling smile at a time.


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