Love Your Daily Latte? Here’s how to Keep Your Teeth White

According to a study done by Reuters, 64% percent of Americans drink coffee daily. DAILY. That’s the highest percentage in the last 7 years! Be honest – are you in the 64% who drink coffee daily? Maybe you’re not in the majority, but do you have coffee 5 times a week, 3 times, or maybe just once a week? Almost any way you slice it, most of us are addicted to coffee, so there’s probably nothing that will stop us from drinking it.

But are there negative side effects to drinking coffee so much? Without getting into the details, coffee can have poor effects on your body, but chances are, if you’re drinking it everyday, your body has adjusted (or you don’t care). One thing that’s almost unavoidable for every avid coffee drinker is stained teeth. Coffee stains your teeth, but knowing that probably won’t make you stop drinking it. So here’s a few tips on how to get white teeth and keep them that way (even if you’re a coffee lover).

  1. Drink through a straw

This one’s probably the easiest change to make. When you drink coffee through a straw, it doesn’t hit the front of your teeth like drinking from a cup does. It’s a simple solution, but you’ll be able to see a difference!

  1. Avoid putting cream and sugar in your coffee

Those added sugars are not helping your teeth out! Although these might not contribute to the staining of your teeth, they are contributing to the wear and tear of your enamel. Stay away from lattes with a lot of added sugar or cream, or at least cut back on them.

  1. Keep up with your routine cleanings

Good news – coffee stains are surface stains (for now). If you actually go to the dentist every six months per recommendation, you can get a head start on polishing off those coffee stains.

  1. Brush right after coffee

Another thing that you should be doing already – brushing your teeth! You can attack the coffee stains immediately by brushing right after you finish your morning coffee. It may seem tedious, but brushing your teeth will clean your teeth right away and help prevent stains from settling in.

  1. Get your teeth whitened

This may seem like cheating, but it’s really a no brainer! Although changing your habits will improve the whiteness of your teeth, the most effective way to get a white smile while drinking coffee is to get your teeth whitened! We offer an amazing whitening treatment that takes no more than an hour.. It’s not invasive, it doesn’t hurt, it’ll whiten your teeth quickly, and if you stick to these new coffee habits, the whitening will last 3 months! It does depend from person to person, but the results of our whitening will blow your mind – and you can still drink your daily coffee.

Giving up coffee sounds awful, so why do it? You don’t have to with these tips. Comment below your favorite tips to keep a white smile!

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