Tips to Prevent and Remove Red Wine Stains on Your Teeth

The most exciting time of the year for us is the holidays! Seeing family, having delicious food, and spending time with people you may not get to see often are just a few reasons we love them so much. With the holidays coming up, you’ll be seeing a lot of people (maybe even meeting new ones) and being in a lot of photos. Holiday season also tends to be red wine season (as if that’s not all year long). Want your teeth to look great for the holidays without having to quit the red wine? Keep reading for some tips to prevent and remove red wine stains on your teeth.

Drink through a Straw

Drinking through a straw is a great preventative step. Instead of drinking directly from the glass and covering the surface of your teeth with red wine, drinking through a straw will move the liquid directly in your mouth, behind your teeth. It will significantly reduce the stains on your teeth. Although this may seem super silly to drink a glass of red wine through a straw, it will be worth the damage you are saving your teeth! And if you’re at home by yourself or with your girlfriends, I’m sure they won’t judge you. Buying metal straws could make it classier, and it’s better for the environment than plastic.

Brush Your Teeth Before and After Drinking

Brushing the plaque off your teeth before you drink (and after) will reduce the chance of red wine sticking to your teeth. Pigments love to cling to sticky plaque, so make sure you brush really well! Brushing after you drink, as well, is a great measure to take, ensuring that anything you might have missed will be brushed away. Check out this toothbrush that Dr. Emery recommends!

White Wine

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “I really don’t drink red too much” or “I think I could quit red wine.” If that’s you, then white wine is a great alternative! The pigment in white wine is obviously much lighter than red wine, and it’s just light in general. White wine won’t damage the coloring of your teeth the way that red wine will. If you can make the switch, do it!

Eat Cheese

Many dentists testify that eating cheese while drinking wine is actually helpful to reducing stains. Eating cheese activates the flow of saliva, and reduces acidity at the same time, which slows down plaque build up. Win win! If you hate cheese, eating something that’s low in sugar and non-sticky will have the same results.

Wash Your Mouth with Water

Swishing some water around in your mouth doesn’t sound too classy, but neither are red wine stains. This can stop plaque from building up and settling on your teeth, which makes a great trap for pigment stains. Instead, excuse yourself to the washroom to swish some water in your mouth. Trust us, it’ll be worth it!

Teeth Whitening

All of these tips are great for preventing wine stains, but they don’t actually remove them once they’re settled. So what can you do? Get your teeth whitened! Starting at just 15 minutes, you can come in and get your teeth shining bright and looking white for the holidays! And you can have a spa like experience while you’re at it. This is fool-proof.

Want to look great meeting your boyfriend’s parents? Or in all the photos? Schedule your appointment at White Haute today for a brighter looking smile for the holidays!

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